Saturday, March 26, 2016

You're Flippin' Awesome!

I'm I've been eyeing this MFT stamp set since it came out in February but delayed buying it because I really didn't have many coloring mediums until recently.  I wanted this card to be colorful and bright; also I wanted to play with my watercolors :).  I purchased the kuretake tambi 3 weeks ago but hadn't had a chance to use it till now.  I was super excited not only to get the stamp set but use my watercolors.  I wanted to use the emboss resist technique.  However, I was struggling a bit with it.  The images where a bit too far apart which made it look too scattered :(.  I was about to trash my attempted but decided to save it while I thought about what could save it.  Took me a couple of days but I thought maybe if I put some Copic colored images on top of some of the emboss images it would bring the background back to life And it did!  I was super happy.  I also added some embossed hearts to fill in the empty space.  I'm not sure how they all ended up upside down.  Anywho, here is my card.

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